Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Monday, 20 September 2010

Everything is RENT by Rachael Murray

A small local theatre in the leafy suburb of Giffnock seems an odd place to stage a Rock Opera, so going into Theatre South's production of RENT I felt naturally skeptical. However, I soon realised that my fears were unfounded.

For anyone not familiar with RENT, it can be difficult to explain. Based on Puccini's La Boheme, it follows one year in the life of six artists living in New York. On the surface, it sounds x-rated, or at least only suitable for adults. Yet I saw many parents there, young children in tow, and I understood why. Beneath the AIDS, cross dressing and heroin addiction, there's an incredible heart to the show that most "serious theatre" does not come close to. RENT is a story about friendship, about love and - above all else - about having no regrets.

The small stage had been transformed to a miniature version of the classic back-alley set, and the impressive lights transported the audience to Alphabet City, haven for poor artists living the Bohemian lifestyle. Yet it was the cast that made this production most extraordinary. Christina Leon shone as Mimi Marquez - showing the more vulnerable side to such a bold character. Mélanie Morrison gave a heart to a potentially unlikable character in Maureen Johnston - and had the whole audience joining in with Over the Moon. Without a doubt, the highlight of the show was the pairing of Daniel Sedgwick and Sean McGovern as the show's golden couple, Collins and Angel. The two were an unlikely choice - they don't exactly scream Hispanic Drag Queen and Anarchist Philosophy Professor - but as soon as they started You Okay Honey? the whole audience being completely entranced. McGovern's Today 4 U deserves particular mention, if only for the impressive dance routine performed in six inch heels. The play's lead, Iain Runciman also stood out, when he lead the entire cast to triumph in the climax of Act 1, La Vie Boheme, a song that epitomises the true meaning of the show.

Ultimately, RENT is heart-warming show, that avoids all cliches but still conveys an important message of living in the moment, and Theatre South Productions triumphed in bringing this big city story to a small town. The audience were laughing out loud, crying into their hands, and by the Finale, were truly convinced that there's no day but today.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

And even more discos......

By Sopie Igoe, Megan Finnie, Eilidh McKendrick

The S1 and S2 disco was a great success. Almost all of first year were there and about 20 2nd years. The money from the tickets is going to the two S6 folk who are going to Malawi to help build and work in schools. The disco had a great range of musing from the Jackson 5 to Jedward's new song "Under Pressure". There was a raffle with various prizes including aftershave, nailpolish and chocolate. One of the winners was Mrs Graham. S3 pupils catered for the disco with sweets and juice. In our opinion the disco was a great night...unmissable.

The Chess Club

By Joseph Coyle

The Chess Club is run on Mondays after school in English room 3 from 3;30 to 4;30. It is a great opportunity to make new friends. No previous experience is needed to come to the club, so if you want to learn them come along. Chess is a game of strategy and skill. It is a perfect game to play for people who like challenges. The students who attend have mixed abilities. You have a chance for an hour of fun every Monday. So far, there has been only one session, so you haven't missed much. We want to see more faces at the Chess Club so come along. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More Discos By Amy Davis&Lousia Sabatini

Last night was the s1/s2 St Valentine's disco. The 6th years going to Malawi orginised it , to raise money in order to go. The disco was from 7-9pm with music, food, dancing and raffles. There was a range of s1's and s2's there. Almost every first year went and a few second years went there , so in total I would say there were about 190 people. The 6th years made it a good disco so it was a huge success. Natasha Ali and her fellow 6th years made it fun. The raffle was a good way to raise money because it cost £1 for a whole strip , so it got them alot of money for Malawi. Different types of music was being played and many different songs were requested. The forum was nicley decorated with red and pink hearts everywhere. Teachers also participated in the raffle and many of them won. Mrs Graham did a good job of keeping it all under control. We hope that the 6th years enjoy their trip to Maloui!!!!! And i want to say thanks for such a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Gig Review - Kasabian

Glasgow SECC – 12th November 2009

As Kasabian fans left the SECC on Thursday night, the streets sounded more like the terraces of a football ground as they continued to chant the band’s final song, LSF. Fresh from success with third album ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’, Kasabian proved that they are one of the best live bands around, storming through a brilliant set lasting over an hour and a half.

For any doubters of the band’s indie-rock brand of music, one thing that can be said about them is that they know how to work the crowd. From the very beginning, ‘Julie and the Mothman’ and ‘Underdog’ sent the crowd into a beer-throwing frenzy as frontman Tom Meighan proved himself to be one of the best in the business, sauntering around the stage like a veteran. It was not only their music that went down well but the band provided a stage show that was unlike anything they had offered before. Guitarist Serge Pizzorno promised a stage set up with the theme of ‘seeing the world through a looking glass’, an idea heavily inspired by their most recent album. These newer tracks were followed by older hits such as ‘Cutt Off’, ‘Shoot the Runner’ and ‘Processed Beats’ with the strong set list proving just exactly how much hits they have had since they came on the scene in 2003. Slower songs ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ and ‘Thick as Thieves’ offered a moment of respite before the crowd went crazy for recent hit ‘Fire’. This was followed by ‘Fast Fuse’, ‘Club Foot’ and ‘Vlad the Impaler’, also going down a storm and keeping the crowd jumping. The sound of final song ‘LSF’ could still be heard 20 minutes after the band left the stage, showing that this live show will be hard to beat for a while yet.

Kasabian have recently been quoted as saying that they would like to take Oasis’ crown as the UK’s biggest band. After this performance, it seems that they already have.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The S1 and S2 Halloween Disco

The S1 and S2 Halloween Disco took place on the 29Th of October. It was a extremly cold wet night but the weather did'nt dampen anyones spirits or the costumes. There were leprechauns , lifeguards,witches and even credit cards! To every ones delight there were not many of the same costumes.The night was extremely enjoyable. Sweets and refreshments where sold in the hub by older pupils.